Children's triathlon club.


We focus on the all-round development of children and youth

The aim of the section is not primarily to educate every child a champion, but to motivate children to play sports in a fun way and to show them that it is possible to spend free time even without a phone. We are a multi-sport club, so children will gradually learn to ride (technically correctly) on a bike, swim, run, cross-country ski and also speed kayak. Gradually, they will try many sports that are important for the development of children and will have a physical basis for the future when they choose a sport that they want to do more.


The section is divided into two categories of children

Younger children (approx. 5-10 years)

For these children, sport is mainly a game. They will learn to swim in all swimming styles, run properly technically, ride a bike and acquire general basics of movement. If they want to, they can participate in races and competitions. But the goal is to play and have fun with sports.

Older children (approx. 10-15 years)

The group of older children is already somewhere else. They are very physically fit, they have no problem training every day and often also race very successfully. The goal of these children is performance growth, but not at any cost. They will swim, run, ride a bike and race a lot. They often go to sports elementary schools, where they do athletics or swimming. Unfortunately, triathlon is currently not available anywhere. For these children, it is already possible to apply more demanding training with the aim of successfully performing sports puberty without wanting to quit the sport.


How much training does it cost

How much training does it cost?

The monthly flat rate from September 2020 is set at CZK 2.000 per month

This price includes pool rentals, a gym, an athletic oval and coaching guidance.

In addition, older competitors who are already using the sportster for training will be under coach supervision via the TrainingPeaks application, thus reducing the risk of overtraining.

Benefits for team members

  • registration in the triathlon club under the Czech Triathlon Association

  • team clothing for children (cycling + running)

  • possibility to participate in various children's races

  • at the races, the competitors have a mechanics (-> better service options) and a team tent with facilities.

  • child insurance for sports

  • 50% discount on bikefitting - bike seat adjustment

  • advantageous prices for Harfa team products - jerseys, accessories

  • 15% discount on all non-discounted goods in Harfasport

  • 25% discount on Harfasport services (service work, rental, bootfitting and more)