Since June 2020, we are expanding the training group to include training for children and adolescents.

Who are the trainings for?

We have expanded the training group to include children's trainings

Since June 2020 we are expanding our training capacities and our training group will be extended to our future champions!

Thanks to the shift in the racing season and the inability to travel, this season will be new and different for everyone. Since June, we are introducing regular joint training for our small athletes so that they can train to improve and after long weeks at home with limited movement to train at 100%. children will be divided into groups according to their performance and abilities (road biking, swimming in open water).

During all training sessions I will emphasize maximum safety of children

Mandatory helmet, bike in good condition

Compliance and discipline

The trainings will be held every day and will be arranged so that some trainings can be accessed by parents who can also attend the trainings.

(ideal example are transient training or swimming in open water)

Register and start to train with us!

Register and start to train with us!