ROAD2KONA is a training group where age-group athletes and PRO athletes train toghether.


In order to improve people, it is necessary to understand the training and have it all tried and tested in practice.

Thanks to the 25 years of experience I have, I am able to pass on this experience to my clients and Road2kona athletes and help them to qualify for Kona as well.

Our workouts are different than normal. Because we do what we do.

“Thanks to various coaching leadership in the Czech Republic and California, I have tried many ways that led to my goal. Some were successful, some were not, but they were all important for gaining experience to know how to prepare for Ironman races. I know what can happen to you in the race, so I know how to prepare best. When you complete this practical experience with the knowledge of building an annual training cycle and use the Training Peaks application, where I am Certified Coach level 2. success is guaranteed.