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About me


I´ve been racing in triathlon since 1994, where I raced a short distance triathlons and duathlons in junior category and was in Czech national team. I had a few good results as junior (8. th place in European champ.) but with a drafting I started to seek a longer distances, because I was strong cyclist and I hate to work in front of pack and than be slow on the run. 

I was planning to race my first Ironman race before I was 18, but I was too young and I had to wait. Meanwhile I learned to ride a K1 kayak and raced in Quadriathlon ( swim,kayak, bike, run ) and become many times World and European champion. 


In 1999 I moved to San Diego for a winter to train for my first long distance season.  My first race was Ironman Austria, where I won in 8:43 and got a slot to Kona.  

That year in Kona I won my age-group and overall finished on 42. nd place. (Faris Al Sultan finished 3. rd.)

​Since 1999 Ironman become a my main focus and I was racing as Pro till 2005, when I ,, turned age-groups,, again.

In 2004 I was in a cover of Triathlete magazine road to Kona and this magazine inspired me with name of Road2kona.

25 years of traininng and racing as PRO giving me a know-how which is really usefull and it´s something which is important for me and my client as well.

When I started do a coaching in 1999 we used a Excel and Word for a training plans.  Today it´s with a better equiipment much easier. 

Today I use a Garmin heart rate monitors, wattmeters and most important  TRAINING PEAKS.  With this software I can easily plan, control and analyze trainings.



IRONMAN HAWAII place 18-24 9:09,59

IRONMAN HAWAII PRO 22. nd palce 9:00,09




IRONMAN PODERSDORF 1. st. place 8:23,27

World triathlon championship  IBIZA 3.rd. place teams

European triathlon championship Almere 2.nd. place teams

PB Ironman distance 8:23,27

IRONMAN HAWAII 2017 - 9:41 ( 40-44 agegroup )


Road2Kona  - coaching 

Since 1999 I had a many top coaches. So I tested on myself a different coaching styles.

Some were a succesfull, some not, but they were a important for a gaining an experiences for a triathlon training.  Now I´m giving a chance to my athletes use the best methods and  help them to reach the best results and hear in Kona ,,  You are an Ironman ,,

In 2018 I become a Certified coach level 2 at Training Preaks Academy.

My training plans are a individual and are designed for triathletes from the beginers to elie athletes, who is racing in Kona and who want´s the best results and improve theire PB.

Now I have a 4 basic programs:




Race in a Kona is a dream of thousnds of triathletes.


During our swimm challenge 100x100m we raised money ( appr. 1400 Euro ) for a blind triathlete Marek Moflár. This young guy want´s to qualify to Kona and race there among all athletes.  


One week after our swim challenge I met Marek personally.  He´ s a very ambitious and he likes a challenges.  He can see only 10% with right eye, but he´s doing everything like a normal people. 

His challenge to race in Kona was a very interesting for me, because i raced in Kona 4 times already. J

Marek raced with his guide Tomáš, but unfortunatelly had a bad accident on motorbike and he´s not able train and race with Marek in near future, so we decided train and race with Marek togheter. Because I like a challenges too and I have an experience with Ironman Hawaii, I feel almost mandatory to help him to get there!

It´s going to be a new experience for me.  Train with him and race toghether in tandem bikes. 

But to be able to qualify there, we must be both in a great shape and be able race sub 10 hours time. 

Training and racing with Marek will be a very difficult on time and also very expensive. 

You can help him in this link below.























Here you will find latest news from your training, camps and also races. 

Zobrazit více novinek

Since I´ve been training with Road2kona I started to train and also race in lower HR intensity and I´m faster than before. This year I´ll try to qualify to Kona.

August 2017

I have been working with Jan Strangmuller for last 8 months and was particularly impressed by his ability to quickly spot ineficiencies in my stroke, by his strive to imlement state of the art technologies like running watts, specific testing in lab etc and most importantly by his feel what are real focus areas in training. This is especially valuable for me as i want to come back to Kona and there are now low hanging fruits (like simply training more etc).

March 2019