Czech championship

At the end of the holidays, the PILMAN Central Triathlon Championship of the Czech Republic was held in Ždár nad Sázavou. The race is beautiful, but thanks to the wavy track and running, it will never have such a participation as probably the most popular race in our country - Czechman.

However, this year, due to COVID races, there are not many races, which is why there was excellent competition in Ždár for both men and women. We chose this race as one of the main races and we also directed preparations for it. We spent a weekend in Ždár 14 days before the race itself, when we had the opportunity to get to know each other and ride the bike tracks, run and swim several times in the Pilská Reservoir.

Therefore, the race itself was no surprise for us and apart from the new part of cycling, which the organizers had to choose at the end of the original road, we knew the track very well.

We entered the race with high goals, especially for our girls Hanka and Tereza. We discovered their talent at the end of last year, when they were at the swimming camp with ROAD2KONA and after that we agreed to cooperate. Both Hanka and Tereza are extremely talented and in the race I expected from them that at least one would end up on the crate in absolute order.

After Hanka's excellent swimming, when she left the water at 28:02, it was clear that our top 3 plan was realistic. Although in the autumn she still couldn't really swim by crawl, Tereza climbed out of the water at 34:07 and both of them were waiting for their great discipline - a bike. The girls excel here. When we go to a joint training, we are used to the fact that they will just go down the hill :-)

Since last year, the girls have done a huge amount of work and worked on swimming both in terms of training and material, when the girls found out that it is not enough to have "some" neoprene and that there are huge differences in neoprene.

Thanks to the practice of crossings, which we went together 4 times this year, the girls learned to be fast in the fourth discipline and Hanka was the fastest of all the competitors in the second depot!

But where we still have to work is the technical equipment of cycling. Both drive classic roads. This is the goal for next season, so that both have triathlon specials available. I know that the difference between a road bike and a triathlon special is about 3 km / h. This was also confirmed to me by the girls, when everyone was going up the hills, and when the plain or the descent came, they were reached again.

Cycling turned out as expected. Hanka drove a decent 2:41 and Tereza drove a bike for 2.35 (but it's not bad, that she's doing full-time advocacy :-)) and they came to the depot together with Helena Kotopulu. I think that while cycling, Helena probably surprised the girls a bit when Terka overtook her and wiped out the loss of 2 minutes from swimming.

We still have large reserves in progress, so the plan was to keep 3rd and 4th place overall. It also succeeded and Hanka won the well-deserved 3rd place and Tereza finished in 4th place and won her age category. I think that in the season 2021 the girls will be a bit better again and that they will have to reckon with them :-)