This weekend we took part in triathlon races in Račice, which we often use as a place for our training camps and which is optimal for training and triathlon races.

Saturday's race was a children's race and an afternoon sprint (warmup) race for Michal and Paul, who planned to start the next day. In the children's category, our youngest ones were not lost. Max finished the race in 2nd place and Maty finished in 3rd place. Laura and Lukáš, who were in the top 5, competed in the younger category, but due to their age and the fact that they raced with 3-4 years older children, it was not a box in their case. But the important thing is that everyone enjoyed the race.

Saturday's sprint, like the whole day, was marked by rain and, in addition, it swam without neoprene. Among the competitors, the greatest attention was attracted by pro-cyclist Adam Hansen from the Loto-Sudal team, who has been living and training in the Czech Republic for several years. According to him, he had a trip to Prague and found that it was a sprint, so he took it. He found out about the Wednesday the next day only, but he already had an agreed program. Although he only rode a sprint, he was able to turn other cyclists (as expected) into young and inexperienced students :-)

He swam after 1: 52 / 100m 14:10 (it is said that he was twice in the water this year)

The bike flew with an average of 47.68km !! for 25:10

The run went after 4: 14 / km with one fall

And in the end he finished for a decent 3rd place .... Just a modest and nice guy who has no stellar manners like Froome or other top cyclists. In October, I will follow him on Giro.

However, Sunday's race was already marked by better weather and for Road2kon's competitors it was the first race and actually such a test as they are. At the start, they all lined up in a row so that they would be in contact for at least a while and could hack and motivate each other just like in training.

The best (as expected) swim was Hanka Švarcová, who had the 8th fastest swim in 30:49 (time with a run over the footbridge) and I expected her to fight for the podium. Tereza Černochová, who is an amazing cyclist, gradually started to erase her lead on the bike, and when she goes with us for training, we already know that in the hills our efforts to escape are useless :-) only 3 minutes behind Hanka in 36:10 and during her premiere half-Ironman she made a very decent swimming person.

The girls both had triathlon bikes available for the race, which do not ride normally, and it was clear that despite the absence of training on these bikes, they did well in cycling. In the last lap Tereza erased Hanka's lead from swimming and both arrived at the depot in a very decent lap time of 2:30 (38.5 km / h)

The final run, unlike Saturday, was less muddy, so you could really talk about running and not cross. Due to the error of the timekeeper and the shift of the measuring carpet by about 50 m, the run was extended to 22 km :-) But otherwise the running track was beautiful and varied for the competitors.

Hanka decided the women's race in her favor, who ran a bit in the middle of Tereza's run and won the race with a lead of 4:57 with a lead of 2 minutes.

Tereza finished in second place at 4:59 and I think that except for the blisters on both legs, she was very satisfied with her premiere.

The boys also rode well. Although it was more tempo training than a big race, they enjoyed it and tested how they are doing and what needs to be worked on.

In the end, Paul Varela was first in 19th place in 4:39 and Michal Houška in 26th place in 4:45.

The next race we will ride together will be Pilman and then Czechman, where we have medal ambitions for Hanka and Tereza :-)

You can find more photos from the races in the photo gallery.