Since May 2020 we are expanding our training capacities and our training group will be extended to our future champions!

Thanks to the shift in the racing season and the inability to travel, this season will be new and different for everyone. Starting in May, we are introducing regular joint training sessions for our young athletes so that they can train to improve themselves, and after 100 weeks they can train at 100%

Trainings will be divided into two groups:

Younger children (6-10 years)

This group is composed of children who are already independent, can ride a bike without help and in the water are able to swim alone without aids. The aim and focus of this group will gradually improve in all sports, both technically and physically. But training will be more and more a form of games and entertainment than drill.

Older children (10-15 years)

This group is intended for already experienced racers and children will train systematically in order to achieve better results in triathlon, swimming and athletics competitions. For the training to make sense, it is important that children follow at least 3 training sessions a week. There will be higher demands on children and they will train what they do not attend and trainings often do not have time for them (road cycling - riding in a group, swimming in open water, training of cycling to running)

During all training sessions I will emphasize maximum safety of children

Mandatory helmet, bike in good condition

Compliance and discipline

The trainings will be designed so that some trainings can be accessed by parents who can also attend the trainings.

(ideal example are transient training or swimming in open water)

As a starting point for training is the RADOTÍN, where we have probably the best conditions for training:

BIOTOP - for safe swimming in open water

ATLETIC TRACK - for cross-country running training

Bicycle paths - for longer cycling and brick sessions

SWIMMING POOL - for possible swimming training in the afternoon

Children's traffic playground - younger children love it and learn the technique of cycling.

The price of the training is 200.-CZK per training


(perhaps the easiest thing is if the parent of the child makes a registration on Reservant himself and charges his credit,

the amount will gradually be deducted from the trainer according to the participation of children in trainings)

From May we will start training 3 times a week.

Before the beginning of May, of course, I will confirm the training according to the current situation and the possibilities of restrictions by the Government of the Czech Republic.

Monday - Cycling road bike training

Wednesday - Swimming in Biotope (training in swimming in open water, paddocks from water, training in triathlon depots)

Friday - Cycling + Running (Transitions)

There is a short video where we will train.